Special features of CAPLI
< Hand-made Dress >
Highly recommended for those longing to find a simple dress among the countless possibilities
As CAPLI is an unassisted one-person operation, we are proud to offer a "one-off" dress made
exclusively for CAPLI clients

< Simple Dress >
CAPLI is the best choice if your aim is to find a simple dress to maximize your charm points

< Total Coordination >
After the dress is selected, there is an arduous task to select decorative items from the vast choice
offered in the market. CAPLI will propose a complete set of items to be worn to create
unified impression and freeing the client from the time-taking shopping chores



CAPLI proposes total coordination of quality dresses with such image at most reasonable prices
However, there inevitably is a limit in quantity of production. In spite of utmost efforts to offer 

satisfaction and pleasure to as many clients as possible, please do understand that during 

high seasons, etc., there may be cases when an order can not be accepted


CAPLI’s Profile
Makoto Saburi (Designer/Creator)

1998: Graduated from Vantan Design School (Fashion Coordination Class)
    Employed by a leading apparel manufacturer to work in fields of fashion collection and
           overall dress business. Became interested in collections and party dresses
2003: Commenced own wedding dress design and production and became fascinated in the works.
    Studied fitting and maintenance at a professional wedding dress shop.
2006 until present: Established CAPLI with a strong desire to offer simple wedding dresses and
    accessories at attractive prices.


Regarding handling of the client’s personal information:
In strict obedience of the Personal Information Protection Act, CAPLI will pay utmost respect to the
client’s privacy.
Client’s personal information acquired in course of CAPLI’s business activities will be managed
strictly and will not be used except for CAPLI’s wedding dress marketing activities

Indication according to the Specific Commercial Transactions Law:
Representative: Makoto Saburi
Store Name: CAPLI wedding dress
E-Mail address: capli.dress@gmail.com

Translation: Hajime Saburi



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